Spa Retail


Melodic Bath Collection incorporates environmental friendly lines of personal care products designed to enhance natural beauty and well-being. The formulations are free from synthetic components such as Paraben, Silicone, SLS, or other artificial components.


The beautifully improvised melodies played by woodwind instruments, composed by His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej is our inspiration to create "Smooth" personal care. This prestige product is scented with the combination of precious Orange Blossom, Woods and Vetiver Essences.


"Soul" personal care includes a body scrub and shower gel to promote skin renewal. These products are inspired by the song that its lyric expresses the deep feeling of sorrow. Soul Body Scrub and Shower Gel formulations are created to ease away grief and loneliness by carrying the essences of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Cedar wood and Rosewood as the key ingredients.


The vibrated beats of the ancient drum evoke the scents of spicy herb infused with citrus in the "Echo" bath product assisting in the energy reinforcement for the spa enthusiasts to further express their extreme freedom.


The soft and subtle melody performed by stringed instruments is the inspiration for "Flow" personal care products. Flow Shower Gel and Body Lotion induce the scent of fresh cut grass mixed with the subtle floral aroma and vanilla to encourage the calmness and relaxation mood.

Shower Gel (Echo, Flow or Soul): 380 baht each

Body Lotion (Smooth or Flow): 420 baht each

Net Weight: 4.7 fl.oz. / 140 ml.

Body Scrub (Soul): 480 baht each

Net Weight: 5.3 fl.oz. / 150 g.