Spa Retail


Our collection inspired by nature and delivered in simple but elegant way to offer spa lovers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at home.

Heavenly Massage Oil Set (Four-selection of massage oils)

Price: 1,600 baht/set

Melodic Set A & B (Shower Gel and Body Lotion)

Price: 690 baht/set

Melodic Set C (Shower Gel and Body Scrub)

Price: 720 baht/set

Essential Oils Set (Three-selection of essential oils)

Price: 950 baht/set

Moisturingzing Soaps Set
(Three-selection of moisturingzing soaps)

Price: 550 baht/set

Organic Candle Set (Three-selection of organic candle)

Price: 550 baht/set

Set of 3 Devarana Spa Music CDs

Price: 790 baht/set

Set of 5 Devarana Spa Music CDs

Price: 1,250 baht/set