Spa Treatment


Ayurvedic Head Massage (60 mins)

A traditional Ayurvedic oil massage for the head, neck and shoulders. Some of its many benefits include strengthening the hair roots, nourishing the scalp and releasing the flow of prana or energy through the entire body. Ideal for relieving stress and promoting a restful sleep.

Ginger Compress & Back Massage (60 mins)

Focusing on the neck, shoulders and upper back, this massage places lightly steamed gingers on the back and lets their heating effect to relieve aches and pains as well as stimulating blood circulation. After the compress, soothing hand movements work into the muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension.

Reflexology Foot Massage (60 mins)

After cleansing the feet with a refreshing salt scrub, pressure is systematically applied to stimulate the nerve reflexes in the feet. These points correspond to all major body parts and organs, improving total body functioning and restoring balance and harmony to the body.

Abhyanga Massage (90mins /120 mins)

(Available at Bangkok and Maidives)

Warm aromatic oil is gently poured along tense muscle lines, engaging a smooth long stroke massage with a medium pressure to stimulate blood circulation, and is followed by light pressure in circular movements at mama points to unblock ‘prana’ energy at the vital meridians. These Ayurveda techniques enhance deeper sleep at night and promote a healthy and luminous complexion.

Aromatic Detoxifying & Contouring Massage (90 mins)

A light, calming massage using specifically formulated slimming oils to fight the accumulation of cellulite and water retention. Lymphatic drainage technique is applied to help the body eliminate toxins, followed by contouring massage to assist in body slimming. Highly recommended in combination with any detoxifying treatments.

Devarana Signature Massage (90 mins/120 mins)

Exclusive to Devarana Spa, this unique massage combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate soothing and pampering experience. The signature massage comes together with a bowl of hot water with freshly sliced kaffir lime and orange for respiratory clearing.

Stress & Migraine Relief Massage (90mins)

(Available at Devarana Spa Bangkok)

Excellent headache therapy combined reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy techniques to effectively relieve muscle tensions in head, face, eyes, neck, shoulders and upper back areas. Ritual commences with a cold lavender and chamomile compress applied on the forehead with a touch of peppermint aroma to stimulate blood circulation. The deep and medium pressure is applied on specific areas such as skull base, mid-forehead, eye corners, arms and feet.

Shilomi Massage (90mins /120 mins)

(Available at Devarana Spa Bangkok)

A wonderful therapeutic and energising body work combined deep tissue; Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi massage techniques on the deepest layers of muscles, using a unique oil blend. Tensions and muscle pains are melted away. Excellent for those who enjoy strong invigorating massage.

Swedish Massage (90mins /120 mins)

This ultimate relaxing massage uses long, soothing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension, while stimulating blood circulation. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preference.

Borehilot Massage (90 mins)

(Available at Devarana Spa Manila)

A new rejuvenation spa retreat inspired from famous Filipino Hilot together with Balinese Boreh remedy and massage, therapist starts this unique ritual with warm compress using banana leaves with warm virgin coconut oil, then the Boreh remedy is applied on specific areas where the tension is accumulated, followed by Balinese massage using long stroke and sweeping movements to enhance deep relaxation.

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