Spa Treatment


Living Radiance (2.0 hrs)

Restore the skin’s natural radiance with a body scrub that exfoliates and smoothes the skin, followed by a 90-minute body massage, using natural essential oil blends.

Devarana Touch of Heaven (2.5 or 3.0 hrs)

Our most popular package. A heavenly relaxing combination of a 60 or 90-minute facial and a 90-minute body massage provides a sense of renewal for face and body.

Bare Foot and Hand on the Beach (2.5 hrs)

(Available at Devarana Spa Maldives)

Time to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes. This luxurious feet and hands grooming programme begins with a citrus soak, marine scrub and seaweed wrap, followed by a revitalising cuticle treatment and a relaxing hand and reflexology massage. Nail colouring using a tropical island colour theme completes the session.

After Sun Reviver (3.0 hrs)

(Available at Devarana Spa Pattaya and Hua Hin)

After a Sun-Sea-Sand holiday, heal and restore vital moisture to the damaged skin with a Sun Soother Bath, a Soothing Blue Lotus Hydrating Wrap and a Swedish Massage. This wonderful treatment significantly reduces peeling while adding freshness, comfort and a radiant silky look to the skin.

Body Beautifier (3.0 hrs)

Flush the environmental toxins out of your body system and give a boost to your weight loss goal by stimulating fat loss, firming and toning the skin with an Algae & Green Tea Body Scrub, an Algae & Caffeine Slimming Wrap and an Aromatic Contouring and Detoxifying Massage.

Traveller Recovery Pack (3.0 hrs)

A jet lag cure that relieves weary body, stiffness, aches and pains from flights and travelling with a Sea Mud & Sweet Pepper Wrap, a Swedish Massage and a 30-minute Refreshing Facial selected for your skin type.

Ultimate Glow (3.0 hrs)

Tailored for those seeking healthier and clearer complexion and a stress free body. Indulge with a facial and a body scrub, and complete the pampering with a 90-minute massage.

Half Day Harmony (5.0 hrs)

Luxuriously designed to give you an ultimate relaxing experience. Start with an aromatic Thai herbal steam, a floral bath, a body scrub, a 90-minute massage, a 90-minute Facial and a Reflexology Foot Massage. Guaranteed perfect spa menu for couples.

Skin Fitness Programme for Men (3.0 hours)

(Available at Devarana Spa Maldives)

This deep cleansing treatment includes a full body scrub using the purest mineral sea salt to remove worn-out skin cells and reveal a radiant and healthy complexion. The signature deep- tissue Devarana Massage works on relieving tension and stretching muscles. Complete the skin fitness programme with a Revival Sea Facial for Men for a healthy, glowing look.

Mudhdhoo Body Bliss (3.0 hrs)

(Available at Devarana Spa Maldives)

A luxurious way to ensure that your skin is ready to soak in the sun and sea breezes, the Body Bliss uses the indigenous ingredients of Mudhdhoo Island. With the essence of native herbs and plants, this treatment rejuvenates your skin through a Sugar and Coconut Scrub, Honey and Papaya Body Wrap and a Virgin Coconut Oil Massage with aromatic frangipani scent for a blissful beach day.

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